Tips for Finding a Rental Home

  1. Eat all the chocolate you want!  The stress of house hunting causes extreme calorie leakage.
  2. Be sure to obtain a current map of the local area.  Having a map will save you time and gas from getting lost.
  3. If you have a pet, bring references for your pet.  Examples are as follows.  Letters recommending the pet from former landlords and/or realtors whom have seen the home where the pet resided.  List of obedience classes attended by the pet.  Phone numbers of former pet sitters or veterinarian.
  4. Some school district boundaries change yearly.  Be sure to check a school boundary with the local school district.  You may also want to look into the available selection of private and religious schools.
  5. The utility company may provide a 12-month cost history for an address.
  6. Ask who provides water, sewer and trash pick-up.
  7. Save a lot of time by driving past a home before making an appointment to see the home.  Many homes can quickly be eliminated.
  8. The Sunday paper is the best place to begin looking for a home.  The classified ads also contain ads for rental web sites and property management companies.
  9. Ask about move-in specials.  Some owners will give incentives for a mid-month move in or longer leases.

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